Connecting Business Success + Social Good
Profit: Helping Entrepreneurs, Companies, and Nonprofits Create A Better World Through Business.Globe: Helping Entrepreneurs, Companies, and Nonprofits Create A Better World Through Business.
B Corp Certified
VIANOVA is part of a community of companies using business as a force for good.
Build a Better Business
Our Build a Better Business Program is designed to help you build a more socially-conscious business.
Do Business Better
Our social impact consulting services offer smart, creative strategies to improve and grow your business.
Do Well by Doing Good
Our social impact consulting services help you build brand equity responsibly.

Social Impact Consulting For Business

Helping companies connect business success and social good.

- A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. - Henry Ford

Transform Your Business into a Force for Good

Today's socially-conscious consumers and workforce expect companies to make a positive impact on society.

We believe this is good for business and good for society. The reality is most companies fall short. Our goal is to change that.

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  • Attract New Business
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Engagement
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
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  • Attract & Retain Top Talent
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Improve Teamwork & Collaboration
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  • Develop Positive Brand Image
  • Generate Positive Publicity
  • Strengthen Community Relations
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  • Reduce Your Environmental Footprint
  • Save Money on Energy Bills
  • Reduce Risks

If you want your business to be a force for good, start by calling 619-446-6780 today!