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Our Exective & Board Retreat Faciliation Services

We provide complete design and facilitation services for in-person and virtual meetings and retreats of any size — half-day, full-day, and multi-day sessions, depending on your needs. Regardless of what type of meeting or retreat you have planned, we’ll make sure your session is designed to maximize the time you have together and accomplish what you need to get done.

Our Participant-Centered Approach


Because we understand how important it is for your retreat to be a success, we work in partnership with you to do the right amount of planning and preparation prior to it — focused on the outcomes you seek. We look at everything — even ensuring the environment is appropriate for your needs, as well as making sure your retreat is as eco-friendly and participant-centered as possible.

We actually start with the end in mind and work backward, managing every detail — from the agenda to the tools, materials, and activities — to ensure we facilitate creative processes that bring out the best in all participants.

Our Process

We use a three-step process — customized for your unique needs and culture, as well as the people involved — to create and facilitate purposeful retreats. By providing end-to-end facilitation, we ensure the proper foundation is set for success so you get the results you’re looking for.

Preparation is key to ensuring your meeting or retreat is a success. As part of the planning activities, we work with you to:

  • Define the retreat purpose and desired outcomes
  • Identify participants and their needs and expectations
  • Source the right venue and food and beverage options
  • Secure AV equipment
  • Co-design the agenda including creativity, wellness, and teambuilding activities
  • Develop the pre-retreat communications
  • Implement eco-friendly practices

We’ll be spending a good deal of time with you before the retreat. This is when we really get to know your organization and what you want to achieve during the time your team has together — as well as coordinate all the details.

On the day of the retreat, we’ll:

  • Oversee all venue logistics, including general and AV set-up
  • Guide you and your team through the agenda we created together
  • Establish group meeting norms
  • Use tools and techniques to encourage full participation
  • Keep participants engaged and on track

We understand your retreat is unique; while we may use tried-and-true processes, the way we implement them will be based on your specific needs, culture, and desired outcomes.

Our job is not quite done when the retreat has ended. Because we want to ensure all the work you did is memorialized and used moving forward, we’ll:

  • Conduct an evaluation of what worked and what could have been done better
  • Prepare a final report documenting ideas generated and decisions made
  • Recommend next steps

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