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Project Planning Workshop Facilitation

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Are you looking to get your important projects get off to a great start?

We understand that creating project plan scan be a challenging task, especially when it involves multiple teams or stakeholders.

Our experienced collaboration coach and project management expert can assist you in setting your project teams up for success with our project planning workshop facilitation service. 

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With our project planning service, you’ll get:

  • A collaborative and inclusive process that involves all stakeholders.
  • Expert facilitation and guidance throughout the project planning process to ensure that all participants’ ideas and perspectives are heard and incorporated into the final outcome.
  • A clear project plan that outlines the project’s goals, objectives, timeline, and resources required.
  • Improved communication and collaboration among project team members.
  • Increased engagement and ownership from project team members.
  • A sense of accountability for the project’s success.
  • A solid foundation for ongoing project planning and management.
  • Understanding of potential risks or obstacles that may arise during the project execution.
  • Effective management of resources and time during the project planning and execution stages.

Let us help you overcome the hurdles and obstacles to project planning.

Next-level brainstorming, collaboration, and decision-making

Leveraging Vianova’s digital collaboration platform alongside our expert facilitation, we guarantee you get higher-quality planning outcomes in less time. Highlights include:

  • Real-time brainstorming and idea sharing
  • Faster and more efficient consensus building and decision-making
  • Transparent digital documentation
  • Gain actionable insights for better strategies

Learn more about Vianova’s digital collaboration platform here.

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Challenges addressed

  • Lack of clear goals
  • Unrealistic timelines
  • Scope creep
  • Managing multiple stakeholders
  • Missed deadlines
  • Missed budgets
  • Lack of buy-in
  • Lack of accountability
  • Lack of communication

Ideal for

  • Mission-critical projects
  • Program launches
  • Service launches
  • Social impact projects
  • Business improvement projects
  • Marketing projects
  • Conference planning
  • Event planning


  • In-Person
  • Hybrid
  • Virtual

Team Size

Varies based on project needs