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Shark Tank-Style Innovation Challenge

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to bring your team or conference attendees together while fostering innovation and collaboration?

Look no further than our Shark Tank-Style Innovation Challenge, which will inspire your team to think outside the box and pitch their best ideas.

This program is perfect for organizations looking to promote innovation, creativity, and teamwork. It provides a unique and exciting platform for participants to showcase their ideas and collaborate with their colleagues.

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Program Overview

Our highly-skilled collaboration coach works with your teams or conference attendees to identify obstacles and opportunities your company or industry faces. Teams choose a problem or opportunity and then come up with an innovative business, product, or program to solve it.

Your collaboration coach will then guide teams through refining their concepts and preparing their “pitch.” Teams will then present their ideas to a panel of “sharks” or judges to persuade them of the merits of supporting or investing in their concept. The winning team(s) will then be chosen by the judges.

More than just a fun and engaging team-building activity

This program encourages innovation and collaboration by bringing together various viewpoints and skills to address challenging issues. Additionally, it gives participants a platform to share their talents and ideas, boosting group motivation and engagement.

The advantages keep coming. This program can boost communication and decision-making within organizations and industries by giving participants a secure and encouraging setting to present their ideas, increasing productivity and success.

Next-level brainstorming, collaboration, and decision-making

Our digital collaboration platform is a game-changer, offering real-time collaboration that makes meetings more efficient and inclusive. Enjoy benefits like:

  • Instant Idea Sharing & Consensus Building
  • Transparent, Digital Documentation for All
  • Strategic Insights & Efficient Planning

Learn more about Vianova’s digital collaboration platform here.

The Vianova difference

To improve the overall participant experience, increase engagement, and produce higher-quality outcomes for your organization, we offer expert collaboration coaching and facilitation. In addition, we provide the necessary tools and resources, including advanced digital brainstorming and decision-making tools.

You can rely on our team to get the best support and resources to succeed in the innovation challenge, having worked with businesses, nonprofits, associations, and schools for over 20 years.

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Pitch Types

  • New product
  • New service
  • New business
  • New program

Ideal for

  • Companies
  • Conferences
  • Associations
  • Nonprofits

Team Size

10 – 100 participants


Varies 1/2 day to full day